Our value proposition
Our value proposition
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• 180 satisfied customers
• 300 projects completed
• 13 years experience
• Entirely dedicated to the enterprise software industry

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Our value proposition

Whether you are a novice or an expert in the Chinese market, at SoftDatabase Shanghai you will find a complete range of services tailored to your needs:

1. Discovery of the Chinese market
If you think that China represents an opportunity for developing your business and you would like to find out for yourself, SoftDatabase Shanghai invites you to meet the distributors, integrators, developers, and even potential clients.

2. Search for sales partners
Whatever the functionalities of your product, its price, the competition, the way it is sold, you should know that its success depends solely on your capacity to build and maintain permanent relationships with your contacts.

3. Virtual Office - Hosting
If your solutions are complex, aimed at niche markets, costly, and face strong competition, SoftDatabase Shanghai will recruit and assign virtual office and a pre-sales technical staff who will be totally dedicated to you and the development of your business.

4. Legal services
Not only do the Laws and regulations in China change every week but they can also be interpreted in a thousand ways. But even in such a jungle, our legal, taxation, and employment experts will be able to bring you meaningful responses, with no limits, and within a set budget.

5. Creation of a local presence
If you already have a network of partners, some clients, and you want to improve your image, then set up a local branch, this will cost you far less than bringing in your staff from America or Europe, and what’s more, by so doing you will gain more credibility and respect.

6. Development of sales
If you want to boost the sales of a particular product or further qualify and quantify a specific market niche, SoftDatabase Shanghai has some remarkably effective operational marketing tools for you.


Addendum: Translation services
The Chinese are very sensitive to the respect of others and one of the first marks of respect consists of presenting your business and your products in the language of your interlocutor.Investing in the translation of several documents will differentiate you from your competitors and in return for this courtesy, your Chinese interlocutors will listen to you with the utmost attention.You will then have already taken a big step towards the conclusion of your objectives.

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