Our value proposition
creation of a local presence

"Our company would not even think twice before doing additional business with SoftDatabase. SoftDatabase knows more about the products and the business of software company vendors and associated distributors than any other company we have ever encountered. In addition, SoftDatabase has an excellent ability to tie vendors and distributors into highly productive and mutually beneficial relationships".

Richard Travis, President
Open Software Technology, Inc. (USA)

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Creation of a local presence

In order to gain rapid access to the Chinese market, SoftDatabase Shanghai can help you to quickly win the confidence of your partners and your prospects by setting up your local office. From this office you can carry out all the pre- or post-sales marketing support and technical support tasks at your distributors, systems integrators, and of course at your clients.

A need for education
The solutions proposed by Western developers generally use a much more advanced technology than the Chinese products since they have to satisfy very sophisticated requirements. Furthermore, these solutions, often with a methodology, have been implemented in order to satisfy the requirements of Western businesses already attuned to the market economy.

Even if the Chinese market is now asking for sophisticated solutions, it is still the case that the users must catch up and absorb in the minimum of time a wealth of knowledge that those in the West have taken decades to acquire. The consequence is evident, the sharing of ?education ?in the pre-sales phase is more important in China than in North America or Europe.

Specific cultural aspects to be taken into account
Business in China is mainly based on a relationship of trust. It is easy to understand why the expectations of the clients as regards accompanying services such as training, assistance with the installation and implementation, creating prototypes, and technical support are so enormous. Each market has its own characteristics, which must be respected at all costs:

The German buyer wants ?to understand how the engine works ? the American is more concerned that the products are ?easy to use and easy to install ? but when it comes to the Chinese buyer, he wants to have assistance until the system is up and running.

A local office gives credibility
Invoicing the clients will remain the responsibility of your partners. You can thus devote all your time to useful and productive tasks. Even though China has been a member of the World Trade Organisation since 2001, the Laws are still confused, sometimes contradictory, and their interpretation varies from one town to the next.

Setting up a local office is therefore a delicate matter which requires the assistance of someone who can be trusted and who has the benefit of a network of contacts with the local, regional and national authorities. SoftDatabase Shanghai employs local people, familiar with the administrative procedures, competent in matters of taxation, and specialists in the field of software.

Key benefits
• Gain in confidence with partners, VARs and integrators
• Reduction in pre-sales times
• Establishing your reputation
• Reduction in your running costs and expenses
• Having a determining advantage over the competition

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