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virtual office - hosting

"We were able to establish new distributing partners in several countries with the help of Softdatabase, with a very
limited time and effort. Softdatabase understood very quickly our position in the integration market, our strategy and our targets and we are confident that these new partners will generate significant business for our solutions in these regions."

Carl Vansteelandt,
Managing Director
ILLICOM (France)

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Virtual Office - Hosting

One cannot emphasise enough that China is a world apart and the success of your business depends almost entirely on the quality of your relationships. “To establish a relationship” with your prospective customers and your partners you will need time and patience. But how can this be achieved when you are thousands of miles away and have no subsidiary company? In a simple, fast, and perfectly legal way. Thanks to its organisational structure, SoftDatabase offers you the possibility of being able to recruit and accommodate your staff, enabling them to work day-in, day-out, as if from your own business unit. .

Establishing relationships
Whatever the functionalities of your product, its price, the competition, the way it is sold, you should know that its success depends solely on your capacity to build and maintain permanent relationships with your contacts. A prospective customer will only place his confidence in you, and hence his budgets, once he has built up a rapport with your team. On account of the distance and difference in culture, you cannot entrust this very important task to your staff in the West. Only local representatives will be able to create and maintain such relationships on a day-to-day basis.

With which staff?
You will need two profiles: One for a “Business Development Manager” and one for a “Technical Support Analyst”. The Business Development Manager’s responsibility consists of finding out which key players, both within your prospective customers’ organisations and within your partners’ operations, actually make the decisions. This task is very difficult in China since “in order to save face”, the majority of your contacts will tell you that they are empowered to make decisions. The Technical Support Analyst’s role is to ensure that the technical teams belonging to your prospective customers and partners have a fully comprehensive understanding of your product and that no questions that should be asked, remain unanswered.

Working together we will define the profile of the positions to be provided and will proceed with the recruitment of your representatives. During the last decade, Chinese universities and the major schools have flooded the market with thousands of young, highly qualified people who are also completely bilingual in English and Chinese. You will easily be able to find young workers with several years’ experience, who are full of energy and enthusiasm, and at a cost that is four to five times less than in your own country.

Free yourself from all administrative matters and concentrate solely on your business. We take responsibility for all the formalities regarding tax and employment matters in order to enable your staff to work perfectly legally in China. Likewise we deal with the payment of wages, expenses and taxes. What’s more, we provide a complete working environment for your employees : Offices, telephone, fax, Internet, secretarial support, conference rooms, etc. The business cards for your staff will bear your company name, but will show our contact details, which is what one calls a “virtual office”.

Principal advantages
• Effective : Your own local and qualified workers costing 4 to 5 times less than in the West
• Economic : A local (virtual) business unit without any organisational costs
• Simple and fast : There is no need for you to have any administrative contact with the Chinese authorities.

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