The Chinese market
China in numbers

• 20% of the world population
• 171 cities > 1 M citizens
• +8% growth since 20 years
• 350,000 foreign enterprises
• 576 M of Internet users
• 835 M of Mobile subscriers

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The Chinese market

A tremendous opportunity for those willing to take the cultural aspects of the Chinese market into consideration.

According to analysts, the market is expected to achieve a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 36.9 % until 2010.

This outstanding projection is due to the growth of the local economy combined with an improvement in IT infrastructures and the growth in demand from the private sector. The applications market which includes ERP, CRM, SCM is growing at a CAGR of 32%. More importantly, infrastructure solutions, products intended for the development of applications together with system management and networking software are exploding and now account for 70% of the total enterprise software sales revenue.

The culture of the Guanxi
China has 5000 years of history and right from the start it has always known how to preserve its identity and its culture. Greatly influenced by Confucius, the main characteristics of the Chinese culture can be summarised by three key points:

• Its social hierarchy is very well established
• Experience is more important than theory
• Human relationships have the highest priority

The quality of service
Unlike the West, it is not the "features and benefits" of the products which are going to motivate the Chinese buyer, but the quality of the service that comes with the product.

The Chinese buyer will always demand full installation, training, and technical guidance before making his decision to purchase. Only those developers capable of adapting their business model will be able to profit in full from this fabulous market.

A market in full development
For many in the West the words "market economy" are incompatible with "socialist system" whilst for the Chinese it is simply a question of interpretation. Furthermore, the laws of the market are constantly changing and the regulations that govern the economy have not yet been stabilised, hence there is much confusion in Western minds and far too often cartesian at that.

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