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"SoftDatabase has been of
great assistance in the development of Selligent outside Europe. Thanks to the quality of their database and their huge experience, we were able to find distributors in Asia Pacific
in a very limited time and with reasonable investments. This is the kind of company you would recommend to a friend"

André Lejeune, CEO
Selligent SA (Belgium)

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Search for sales partners

SoftDatabase Shanghai employs a tried and tested methodology. Before deciding upon a course of action, we will analyse the current state of your market, including market demand, size of market, competition, customers, core technology, and product line strengths and weaknesses. Based on this analysis, we will define a client-specific distribution strategy.

Identification and Contact
Using our acclaimed database, we select companies which best match your specific needs and approach all of them.

Qualifying Prospective Distribution Partners
After extensive discussions about the opportunity, we produce a qualified list of potential partners. Along with their general profile, we will analyse such factors as their business model, sales cycle, capacity for investment in selling third-party products, ability and willingness to commit the necessary resources, and motivation. We will then work with you to compile a short-list of the most qualified potential partners, and analyse the likely resulting market coverage based on the number and type (OEM, master distributor, VAR, integrator) of partners on the list.

Rarely will international partners agree to negotiate distribution agreements for Enterprise software products in a long distance phone call. Personal visits to potential partners on the short list are essential, with the following aims:

• Due diligence and verification of information obtained during earlier discussions.
• More extensive analysis of the potential partners’ capabilities, motives, willingness to commit, capacity to invest, and ability to market and sell products to end-users.

Concluding agreements
With your guidance, and in conjunction with your lawyers, should you elect to engage them, and always under your control, SoftDatabase will negotiate the transaction with the objective being a signed definitive agreement.

Simply having partners does not necessarily mean that business will result. Distribution partners are much like a direct sales force, and it’s important to stay in frequent and ongoing contact to ensure they’re focused on your products.

As your representative, SoftDatabase provides this continuous monitoring of distribution partners with two goals in mind: to increase sales and revenue, and to quickly identify and remove any obstacles to success.

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