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discovery of the chinese market

"With an extensive experience
of international markets,
a pragmatical approach to business and deal making, and
a truly commited and responsive team of professionals, SoftDatabase enabled us to establish a global presence at record path for a competitive price".

Alain Bezancon, CEO
Advantys (Canada)

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Discovery of the chinese market

Scarcely a day passes without the media talking about China, its fantastic economic development and its immense potential. If you feel that this market is vital for the development of your business but you have problems understanding it and want to know more, SoftDatabase Shanghai offers you a rapid and economic solution which will answer all your questions.

A specific culture
It is true that the culture is markedly different from that of the Western world. In terms of running a business you must experience this market for yourself before defining your development strategy. This difference in culture means that the Chinese buyer or user employs totally different reasoning and selection criteria from those of a Western buyer. Before attempting to modify the packaging of your products, your sales model, or even the organisation of your company, SoftDatabase Shanghai offers you the chance to come and discover this fantastic market and will arrange a week of accompanied visits tailored to your requirements.

Accompanied visits
Thanks to its relationships and its specialisation in the "Enterprise" software field, SoftDatabase Shanghai will arrange appointments and working meetings with the competent players in your field such as:

• VARs and distributors specialising in your technological niche
• Systems integrators with influence in the medium and large account market
• Developers of solutions complementing your products
• Local authorities responsible for the activity of foreign businesses
• Users and buyers matching your target

This list is not exhaustive and will be adapted to match your requirements. For example, if you are also targeting the countries of Southeast Asia, we can arrange the same type of meetings for you in the most important territories or countries in the area, i.e. Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and even Taiwan.

Objectives during your trip:
> Measure the potential of the markets
> Identify the local and foreign competition
> Assess the behaviour of the buyers
> Understand the different local cultures
> Discover the various distribution channels

Objectives on your return:
> Define your export strategy
> Adapt your organisation
> Develop the correct marketing tools
> Improve the packaging of your products
> Construct your own action plan

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