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« For the past years SysData has been working with SoftDatabase to establish
distributors for our software products. SoftDatabase is a very professional organization and we are very pleased with the work they have done for us. We
have been particularly impressed with their responsiveness to our inquiries, regardless of the time differences. »

David Fishman, CEO

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Legal services

Not only do the Laws and regulations in China change every week but they can also be interpreted in a thousand ways. But even in such a jungle, our legal, taxation, and employment experts will be able to bring you meaningful responses, with no limits, and within a set budget.

A complex legal environment
WBecause of its history, China still does not have the benefit of a stable and clearly defined legal environment since it is an old country going back more than 2,700 years, which has been continually ravaged by innumerable wars and foreign invasions without ever having been able to benefit from a homogeneous political system.

But it is a young country too, since it has only been pacified and unified thanks to a central power for a few decades. And in addition, it has only recently opened its doors to the West. In such a context, one must admit that the Laws and regulations are in full development. One frequently notes the contradictions between the different regulations issued by the different authorities : Central government, regions, provinces, cities, districts, etc.

And we must not forget that in China everything is based on personal relationships, the “Guanxi”. Hence, the Laws and other regulations will be interpreted in as many ways as there are readers. Which is why it is important that you are accompanied at every step by the best specialists there are, those who have a “relationship” with the authorities, which is essential if your business is to succeed in China.

A personalised and unlimited legal service
We can appreciate that it is difficult for you to determine in advance which legal services and advice you may require. Nevertheless, you want to control your costs and certainly do not wish to commit to unknown budgets. This is the reason why we are offering you, for an agreed fixed annual amount, a personalised and complete legal service which comprises :
• Advice and answers to all your questions on employment law, business law, intellectual property, taxation, etc.
• The drafting of your contracts and any other legal documents that you may require,
• Written responses to any problems that may occur,
• The assistance of a business lawyer twice a year during the negotiations with your partners,
• Any assistance you may require in your dealings with the Chinese authorities.

Who are our experts?
We offer you this legal service in collaboration with our legal practice, the Pathfinder Consulting Group Co. Ltd., who are specialists in setting-up and developing Western companies that wish to succeed in China. With more than 150 clients and 10 years experience, Pathfinder has established an extraordinary network of relationships, in particular with the governmental authorities, which is something that is indispensable in China.

Free yourself from all administrative matters and concentrate solely on your business. We take responsibility for all the formalities regarding tax and employment matters in order to enable your staff to work perfectly legally in China. Likewise we deal with the payment of wages, expenses and taxes. What’s more, we provide a complete working environment for your employees : Offices, telephone, fax, Internet, secretarial support, conference rooms, etc. The business cards for your staff will bear your company name, but will show our contact details, which is what one calls a “virtual office”.

Key benefits:
> A fixed predetermined annual fee
> Unlimited advice
> A quite exceptional network of relationships.

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