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"My company has used SoftDatabase several times in the last 5 years for marketing studies and product searches and on each occasion we have been more than satisfied with the results. SoftDatabase provides a professional service that delivers great value. This is why I continue to use them."

Victor Dennis, CEO
Pillar Solutions Ltd. (UK)

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Development of sales

The word "qualification" represents the main objective of the sales and marketing teams. This word has double importance as soon as it is applied to the Chinese market. In fact, it is a new market with ancient practices and the buyers are not used to adapting to a sales cycle prepared and constructed in the West. China is an unpredictable Eastern terrain, full of pitfalls and good news?/span>

Identify the market
It is essential to qualify the prospects to be certain that they are in phase with the functionalities and benefits offered by your products. But alas, you will not find any serious market analyses in the field of ?Enterprise ?software which will allow you to find out anything about the existing competition, to accurately qualify the requirements of the users, or to adapt the positioning and the prices of your products in an optimum way.

In order to guarantee your success in the Chinese market, SoftDatabase Shanghai offers you the chance to reduce your costs and prospecting times thanks to two sales support services:

Market analyses
Based on a questionnaire that we will design together, we will interrogate potential clients whom we will have carefully selected beforehand. The selection of targeted businesses can be made using two criteria, the size of the business and its branch of activity. Within 3 weeks we will supply you with a detailed report exactly matching your company’s objectives.

Generation of qualified prospects
Whether it is to meet the requirements of your partners, your office or subsidiary, we are capable of supplying your sales teams with qualified contacts. We will approach the end-users who might be interested in your products in those businesses that correspond to your market, then interrogate them from the questionnaire that we will have drawn up together beforehand.

To understand the market or receive qualified leads, simply indicate to us:

• The vertical market in which your products have the most success
• The size of the type of business you are targeting (in revenue and/or number of employees)
• The function or type of person who would be most interested in your products
• A series of questions that we can refine together if you wish

Key benefits
• Knowledge of your market gives you a decisive advantage over your competitors
• Qualification of prospects will save your sales teams time
• Your prospecting times and costs will be considerably reduced

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