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"From the very first contact to the conclusion of the assignment,the people at SoftDatabase want to establish a real partnership. They achieve it through their willingness and ability to understand their partner's market, by helping with both usual and unusual activities and by having a clear goal in mind. We appreciate working together".

Josef Biermeier,
Managing Director
COMSA GmbH (Germany)

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Translation services

The Chinese are very sensitive to the respect of others and one of the first marks of respect consists of presenting your business and your products in the language of your interlocutor.Investing in the translation of several documents will differentiate you from your competitors and in return for this courtesy, your Chinese interlocutors will listen to you with the utmost attention.You will then have already taken a big step towards the conclusion of your objectives.

An absolute necessity
One can never say it often enough : The China of today is still living with its traditions which go back more than 5,000 years. If you want to conclude deals in China, then show your interlocutors that you are focussing your attention on them and that you are treating them in a special way. Whether you wish to discover the Chinese market, or negociate a business deal with an important client, give yourself the best chance of success by translating your documents into Chinese first. The biggest mistake you could make in China would be to use your "Corporate" presentations and documents even though they may have been carefully designed and edited by your marketing department. The adaptation and translation of your documents is not a luxury but an essential prerequisite before taking any action in China.

Have an advantage over your competitors
The majority of western businesses approach the Chinese market as just another country and are content to present their business and their products as they would present them in Europe or in North America. This attitude based on the principle of having the turnover first before proceeding to carry out the preparatory work leads directly to failure.

Let your competitors approach the Chinese market with their "monolithic" marketing whilst you gain the advantage by offering quality translations. You do not need to translate all the literature that exists in your company and we suggest you translate only the following documents:

• Company profile
• Product specifications
• Slide presentations
• A case study

This list is not exhaustive and it is clear that the more material you have translated into Chinese the better your chances of developing your business.

Localising your products is a much more complicated task than the translation of your technical and marketing documents. It consists of adapting the user interfaces to the rules of presentation used in China and above all to place your products in "double bytes". For obvious reasons of security, the localisation of your products should be done by persons other than your distribution or integration partners. The consultants at SoftDatabase Shanghai do not carry out localisation but they will recommend a company with whom we have been working for a number of years, that is a specialist in this field, and is totally reliable.

Why not call on SoftDatabase Shanghai for your translations
• All our consultants are bilingual (English & Mandarin) IT specialists
• The software market has been our speciality since 1992 and we understand
the technical language used in this industry
• More than 200 software developers have made use of our services already

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