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About Softdatabase China

Founded in 1992, SoftDatabase has become the premier consultancy dedicated entirely to the international development of the "Enterprise" software industry.

The main mission of SoftDatabase is to enable software developers to access this fabulous market in which China is the principal driving force.

But although China now belongs to the World Trade Organisation, it nevertheless remains a complex country, with a profoundly different culture from the West, and is very difficult for foreign companies to gain access without the benefit of a local presence.


SoftDatabase Shanghai takes full responsibility in its partnership dealings with its clients and guarantees assistance with sales and marketing.

Through consistent follow-up, SoftDatabase Shanghai is able to anticipate and proactively respond to any possible business deviations by putting into place the necessary means to achieve sales. As our growth depends on your international sales results, you can be assured of our total commitment to your success.

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